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Enquiries and Waiting List

Hello! If you are considering participation in any of the upcoming programmes, or a customised solo programme for yourself, please fill in the form below.  Alternatively, send me an email or whatsapp message with your information and enquiry.  I look forward to hearing from you.  



Enquiry / Application Form

Where do you reside? (This is needed for determining your time zone)
What type of programme are you interested in? Group workshops will include 1-day, weekend or 1-week deep dive programmes with a number of other participants. Solo workshops/retreats will be custom designed for just yourself, without a group. Solo work in the form of single 1:1 consultations and sessions, will be paced over weeks or months.
What enneagram base do you identify with?
Which programme/s is/are of interest to you? Why? Your questions / requests / comments... (please leave a short description)

Dr Janeshree Govindasamy

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