The Emergence of Quantum Radiance

a brief background - who, why and for whom...

Dr Janeshree Govindasamy

Dr J Govindasamy, MBChB

Director, Quantum Radiance (Pty) Ltd and 
Becoming Radiant signature programmes
Author: Radiant Affirmations

THE ART OF QUANTUM RADIANCE, a project founded by Dr Janeshree Govindasamy, reveals her signature, multidimensional approach to health and wellbeing.


For over 20 years, Janeshree has walked a diverse and immersive path through the worlds of conventional medical and metaphysical healing practices. The years of deliberate training in these spectrum of skills, both as part of her own inner growth journey, as well as to hone her abilities as a healer and doctor, has uniquely equipped her to bring the ART OF QUANTUM RADIANCE to the world. Her personal alignment practices have developed into a lifestyle over the years, allowing her the advantage of demonstrating from first-hand experience, what she now imparts. Her journey has culminated in penetrating insights into some fundamental realities underlying health, that most (patients and practitioners alike) misunderstand or miss completely.


The long-standing approach to disease and distress has been therapeutic, curative tactics. The ART OF QUANTUM RADIANCE is not about healing or curing, it is about allowing the intelligence of our life-force, which naturally directs, inspires and accomplishes health, through the most logical and appropriate routes.


The Radiant Affirmation Card Deck

The creation of the RADIANT AFFIRMATIONS card deck, is a further emphasis of her message, that the practice and mastery of radiant states of being, is a key that unlocks so much thriving in the experience called life.


The ability for healers and healthcare practitioners across the spectrum, to understand and apply some of these insights (for their own benefit and for that of their patients), is of vital importance. The emergence of THE ART OF QUANTUM RADIANCE has in many ways, been a response to the very real plea and readiness from the heart of healers across the world, at this time, to raise the energy and quality of the healing arts in all its forms.


She sees the vast value for people, in “connecting the dots” between the multiple dimensions that constitute us as human beings. Her further training in the enneagram (as a tool to access the dimensions of personality) and in heartmath® (as a practical way to deliberately cultivate a healthy, heart-space awareness) provide what she calls “bridges” between the usual busy, predominantly mental worlds most live in, and the deeper, inner realities of who they are as energetic, electromagnetic beings of influence. She shows how all that ties in with the realities of our physical worlds, our physical health and everyday relationships.

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