Radiant Affirmations

A Quantum Radiance Card Deck

Radiant Affirmations

This deck of 72 cards, is a combination of beautiful pictures and lyrical words affirming the “aspects of radiance” that is life, in its magnificence...  to be enjoyed by anyone looking to master the skills of joyful living.

The Radiant Affirmation deck, from the top


Included are 9 “thank you cards” to gift to 9 special people in your life as well as 12 “master cards” that hold powerful calls from your inner voice, inviting you to remember and affirm the radiance of who you are.


That which we pay attention to multiplies in our life.  When we are focusing  with appreciation and affirming the harmonic beauty of life,  life showers us with more beauty and harmony.  It is that simple.  As each of us practices this skill of focus, the quality of our lives rise and the lightness of our spirit can truly be experienced.


The Radiant Affirmation Card DeckImmerse yourself in the beauty, inspiration, joy, freedom, wisdom and peace that these cards offer. Let them speak to you of your own life, of the vibrance and wonder of who you naturally are. They will provide a bridge, giving you more access to the immensity of your inner spirit.

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More than just a deck in your hands...

AUDIO ALBUM is included.


radiant affirmation cards and audio album

Each set is accompanied by a full audio album of all 72 affirmations read by the author.  The recording was done over the new year transition between 2016 and 2017, capturing the energy of new beginnings, abundance, celebration and anticipation of wonderful things ahead.  In the background, one will hear the music of the running stream, the cicadas, the birds and the trees of Aquatiara (home, and the space of love, from which these affirmations were birthed).   The audio file (in MP3) is included on a 4GB USB flash-drive.

Some ways to use the audio album...

  • Save the RADIANT AFFIRMATIONS album on your phone.
  • Pick a card that you wish to use as a focus for meditation or relaxation:  read and enjoy the affirmation and picture, then close your eyes and listen to the audio recording.
  • Pick an affirmation to fall asleep to, and to wake up to...  set it on your phone to wake you up with in the morning. (Most phones will allow you to select an audio track to play for an alarm. If you can't set the track as an alarm, you can play it directly from your music player.)


The audio tracks will add to the depth of experience, whether the affirmations are used as a tool for relaxation, visualisation, meditation or simple inspiration.

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How have the Radiant Affirmations impacted others?

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Lucille Greef Cape Town, South Africa

Janeshree’s Quantum Radiance Cards are a balm for the soul. The cards are meaningful companions that invite conscious living and offers an invitation to being-balancing insight. This is an antidote to the lures of speed and a life lived in the daze of busyness.

I use the cards for myself, my children use them and I have enjoyed giving the cards to special friends as gifts. Janeshree’s special touch is also visible in the design. The cards are beautiful and the photos carefully selected from her personal collection as inspirations at a visual level.

Lucille Greeff (Mother of 2, Organisation Development Consultant, Poet, Enneagram Teacher)

10 July 2018

Alex Blackie Johannesburg, South Africa

Radiant Affirmations are a set of cards with gentle and powerful messages and images. I start most of my days by picking a card. I read and digest every word and think about what it means to me. Each card offers a focus and I use that to set my daily intention. I keep the card in a place where I will see it again during the course of the day. If life experiences have distracted my course seeing the card brings me back to what I intended for my day.  My experience of using these cards regularly is that they encourage a way of thinking and being that supports and nourishes my growth and my life. Thank you Janeshree. 

Alex Blackie

19 Sep 2018

Julia Bonadei Johannesburg, South Africa

The  Radiant Card Deck has been a gift to me and my teenage children as we are navigating the terrain of a difficult and acrimonious divorce.  They help attune us to Source energy and Nature’s true abundance and vitality.  I would recommend them to everyone navigating complexity and change in the 21st Century to help you flow out in the world and in relationships from your Centre and True Nature.

Julia Bonadei, (Mother of 2, Executive Coach and Leadership Development.)

29 May 2018

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A Note From The Author...

"These cards are the culmination of a 15 year journey (2001 - 2016), capturing inspired moments of clarity and beauty that interspersed the usual rush and busy-ness we all get caught in. They are now being sent out into the world with a definite intent and sincere wish...   that they reach the homes and hearts of those who are willing to invest in, and magnify the natural beauty of life... bringing more wellbeing and thriving to themselves and all others as they do so."    

With warm wishes,  Janeshree 

(30 January 2018)

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