Giants Awakening 2024

a journey into presence for enneagram type 9s

Invitation to all enneagram type 9’s that are feeling the restless stirring of their spirit and the call to awaken

A Deep Dive into the Presence and Purpose of Enneagram Nine

When a giant awakes, the earth does rumble.
Hearts awake and fear must crumble;
In the light of truth, what's fake is tumbled.
In Love's embrace stand tall and humbled.

This is an opportunity to explore the reality and purpose of being a type 9 in the world at this time in history.

Through a series of workshops and retreats, this adventure into the 9 realm will be broad and deep, allowing time and space to delve into topics and details that plague and power the nine experience. The entire journey will be within the uniquely supportive environment of other type nines. 

This programme will extend over a period of 6 - 18 months, combining group processes and 1:1 work in 3 phases, building up over the months to a very powerful full length retreat. This journey leads into the hidden, quantum territories of 9 and the true purpose, essence and radiance that activates the 9. We head gradually and carefully closer to "giant territory", where this aspect of the 9 becomes clearer, more accessible and more integrated in each person. 

The 9 point is also related to “the crown” and the perspectives and responsibility that comes with that. Amongst other things, this places an added responsibility to hold the balance of the whole. Without insight or guidance around that, there can be much confusion and harm caused to the individual and the people in their lives. This journey will provide more light on that, what it really means to be a 9 in power, and help each awakening giant become who they were born to be.

NB – This journey is not for everyone, only applicable for type nines that recognise a strong call to awaken and are ready to respond. 

Participant Application / Enquiry

Giants Awakening 2024 - 2025


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