This INSIDE-STORY-9 series of workshops are designed and facilitated by Type 9s for Type 9s

These interactive Saturday workshops will focus on specific topics taken from existing Enneagram teachings describing the habitual patterns of Type 9. Typically, these are explained and interpreted from an outside-in perspective, which does not provide the full picture and context that 9s often need. In these workshops, participants will be presented with and invited to explore the often untold inside-story on these, benefitting from pragmatic “insider insights” and clarity from experienced, dedicated type 9 teachers who have been actively exploring this terrain.

The aim is to support anyone awakening more fully to themselves, their own presence as a 9, and the gifts and challenges that come with.

In the distinctive company, support and mirroring of other 9s, participants will have the chance to better understand and explore their own patterns. The group energy expedites a level of self-awareness which is often difficult to reach when working alone. With the added clarity and awareness, the doors open for more freedom from restraining patterns and blind-spots.

The Inside Story

a workshop series designed for enneagram type 9s