Radiant Affirmations (Deck and Audio Album)

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The Radiant Affirmations (Card Deck with 72 affirmation cards with Audio Album)

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A Once in a Lifetime Gift...

... as a tool for relaxation, visualisation, meditation, or simply inspiration. 


The Radiant Affirmations card deck is created and authored by Dr Janeshree Govindasamy. These 72 affirmations are a combination of beautiful photographs and lyrical affirmations that immerses one in beauty, inspiration, joy, freedom, wisdom and peace. "Let the affirmations speak to you of your own life, engaging the vibrance who you naturally are. They will provide a bridge, allowing more access to the immense natural radiance of your spirit."

The Radiant Affirmations Audio Album includes all 72 affirmations (original reading by the author) .  The audio is in MP3 format on a credit-card size, 4GB USB flash-drive (valued at R150 on it's own).  The audio tracks will add to the depth to the experience.  A gentle, yet powerful, opening of the heart is one of the results when engaging with these affirmations.

Also included is a drawstring pouch with each deck.  The pouches are handmade with so much TLC, to tuck the deck into. 

A deck of these cards is a life-time investment for yourself or a loved one, that you absolutely can't go wrong with. 



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