Recruiting the Team (for Royal Agricultural Show 24 May - 02 April 2019)

10 April 2019

Hello everyone, I am going to be showcasing the Quantum Radiance projects at the Royal Show this year. This will be something very different – introducing people to the Medicine of Presence, and the role of the Oasis. It will involve creating a beautiful, tranquil space at the show, where visitors can find a moment to recharge themselves. 

The two main components (being exhibited):
• The oasis recharge zone
The radiant affirmation cards

 The plan is to allow visitors the opportunity to experience the Oasis, in the midst of the Royal Show.  And to explore some of the resources, such as the Radiant Affirmation cards and Heartmath's Emwave® technology.  Part of the preparation and training for the team will include a personalised coaching programme to build up coherence and presence.  At the show itself, it will be a wonderful opportunity to see the effect of that (both for the individual team member, and for all the visitors to the exhibit). 



Calling for the right people to join my team

  • A Project Manager and Executive Assistant
  • The Hospitality crew (x 3 people)

Project Manager

To  assist me in putting this show together, managing all aspects (admin, communication, planning and preparation, team management, visitor-flow at show, etc). 
•  Full availability over the next 8 weeks;
• Able and confident in handling communications, negotiations between suppliers (décor, set-up, etc), team management, exhibition process
• Interested and invested in being a positive influence on those around you
Times required:
• at the show: 10 days
• setup: between 24 – 23 May (4 days)
• after the show: disassembly of exhibition 3 – 4 June (2 days)
• Preparation for Show: between 15 April – 24 May (including meetings and training) – to be decided after appointment, in discussion with the selected candidate. 

Hospitality Crew

The main task for the hospitality crew will be to welcome the visitors and to make sure they are taken care of.

• Comfortable with interacting with a variety of people
• Able to maintain a positive and cheerful, engaging attitude
• Comfortable on PC, tablets and online – to assist with online purchases and audio-visual material.
Times required:
• at the show: approx. 8 hours per day x 10 days
• setup: between 24 – 23 May (1/2 day – for training)
• after the show: dis-assembly of exhibition 3 – 4 June (including aftershow debrief and feedback) (1/2 day)
• Preparation for Show: between 15 April – 24 May (including meetings and training) – coaching sessions at least 1 hour per week, training approx. 1 hour per week.


All team members must have their own transport for this project – to attend training sessions, meetings, and to/from the showgrounds.

All applications will be shortlisted by Saturday (13 April)  end of the day. Shortlisted applicants will be informed on Saturday evening and invited to interviews on  Monday 15 April 2019. Times and details will be made available to all who are short-listed.

All team members will receive a fair remuneration - this will be discussed at the first interview. 


A final word...
This is a unique opportunity which may be just right for you. Besides the experience of the show itself, you will leave with an invaluable skill and asset (having had the benefit of the coherence coaching that will form part of your training) .  I am looking forward to meeting you, and hopefully, have you as part of the Quantum Radiance team!

If you are interested, please email your CV to me: 

Warm Regards,
Dr. Janeshree Govindasamy

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