Becoming Radiant

Workshops, Retreats, Personalised Programmes


for multi-dimensional wellbeing...

The programmes offered will be tailored according to the specific needs of the individual or group.  They are packaged over a period of time, to allow for the process of transformation. In general, they will usually fall into one of the following categories:



Introductory / Novice Programmes

baby steps

For anyone taking initial steps to reclaim multi-dimensional health.

(Customised programmes of 3 - 6 sessions over  4 - 8 weeks, will introduce life-changing concepts and perspectives through lenses such as the enneagram and heartmath.)


Intermediate / Advanced Programmes

Seasoned Travellers

For more seasoned individuals, who have been engaged in some form of “inner work”, who are inspired to deepen and broaden their perspectives, sharpen their tools and shift into the next gear in their lives with improved stability.

(2 - 6 month programmes combining personalised BECOMING RADIANT workshops, retreats and sessions, dealing with more subtle, core aspects  that allows deeper transformation.)


Single consultations 

wisdom walker

Stand-alone single sessions, for anyone wanting a quick tune-up on some aspect.

(45min - 120min sessions, as needed.  Usually following completion of one of the above programmes.)



(Professional / business / working teams or family groups)

team power

Each individual is empowered to more authentic presence in both their personal and business lives, honing their particular strengths to cutting edge excellence. The team starts reaching levels of “awesome” functioning, as a healthy, thriving unit.

(Customised programmes, usually over a 3 - 12 months, combining one-on-one and group sessions.)


Special Interest Programmes


Doctors face uniquely difficult challenges, as individuals, as team members, as leaders and mentors, and as responsible family members in their societies. More doctors are experiencing that underlying feeling of a “missing link”, that things could be making more sense, that they are working “in the dark” in some undefined way.


These uniquely insightful and powerful programmes are tailored to address the particular complexities faced in a doctor’s day to day experience. The AWAKENING RADIANCE FOR DOCTORS programmes, will provide tools and skills that empower one with a greater understanding, more strategic effectiveness and ease in one’s chosen practice and personal world.


Healthcare Service Visionaries, Leaders and Managers

For those “behind the scenes”, providing environments conducive to successful health and wellbeing services (in the hospitals, wellness centres, societies and teams that they are invested in).


Customised programmes will provide keys to a more thriving, enabling environment for the highly skilled, dedicated professionals under their umbrella. By understanding and applying some of science imparted through the QUANTUM RADIANCE approach, key roleplayers can influence the quality of healthcare in remarkably intelligent ways.

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