Oasis Welcome and Introductory Tour (Request a Private Booking)

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Request your personalised 90min private introduction to the Oasis Recharge Zone (alternatively, book to join any group tour). 

I am looking forward to taking you through an eye-opening, interactive experience at the Oasis, that will be very much worth your while..  See you soon!   – Dr Janeshree Govindasamy

Please provide 3 dates/times that would suit you. The dates will be checked against Dr Govindasamy’s availability, and confirmed thereafer.

Are you bringing any guests with you? (max group size is 10). Please indicate how many in your group.

Any interests, questions or comments that I can address?

Request your 90min private introductory presentation and tour of the Oasis, by Dr Govindasamy. It will provide a glimpse as to why she has set up this project and what impact she hopes to achieve through it.  The Oasis is part of her overall goal to help people achieve a shift in mindset and paradigm regarding their overall wellbeing and quality of life.  She will explain how to access this new resource and what she has thought up for you as you head into the new year of 2019.  


Some points of interest that will be touched on:

  • What is the oasis recharge zone and how it will work
  • The power behind health, capacity to heal, resilience.  
  • Handling life’s stressors – people we care about, work, day to day drama.
  • Heartmath (demo, research findings, tools, applications in life). 
  • The Enneagram (personality in context, and context of personality).
  • Personal transformation programmes, and upcoming workshops, retreats.
  • Pricing and plans available.
  • Planning ahead for 2019 – setting yourself up for satisfaction.


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