Medicine of Presence Consultations 1:1


Sessions with Dr J Govindasamy

  • 90min sessions
  • Standard fee $150 (stand-alone session)
  • or pre-planned package fees (as below)
  • or customised fee as agreed upon


Fees Adjustments, Payment Options, Pre-Planned Rates
The Quantum Radiance Angel Fund and Fee Adjustments
We are well aware that financial circumstance and affordability is are dynamic and vary greatly across the regions and individuals.  The QR Angel Fund has been put into place, as from 01 Feb 2023, to allow for that. If we have agreed upon a customised rate/plan, please use that amount. Any amounts below the standard rate will be supplemented by the Angel Fund.  While any amounts above, will contribute towards the Angel Fund.

Pre-Paying (4 – 6 session package rates)
If pre-paying for 4 – 6 sessions, please remember to change the quantity, before hitting the [ADD TO BASKET] button below.  You can pre-pay up to 6 sessions, which can be used anytime over a period of 12 weeks. The standard package rates are as follows:

  • 4 sessions: $145 per session
  • 5 sessions: $140 per session
  • 6 sessions: $135 per session

NB –  In keeping with the nature of this work, you are fine-tuning the skill of staying present with yourself, and that includes your current experience of resource and cash flow.  It is just one of the many layers that we are bringing into alignment. So do not hesitate to discuss the topic again in the future, as things change, evolve or come to light.  It is all part of the process.

Please enter the (per session) amount you will be paying:

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