Presence versus Autopilot

the influence of enneagram nine energy

Presence Within Enneagram Nine Energy


Auto-pilot Patterns


A Return to Presence Workshop Series


This workshop series deals with pervasive and pivotal patterns that we may find ourselves entangled in and the influence of the enneagram 9 energy through those patterns.

In these workshops we loosen up our hold from the contemporary Enneagram of Personality, and focus rather on some fundamental, systemic and energetic aspects that the enneagram speaks to. In particular, we will explore the influence of 9-energy in the enneagram system.

“9-energy” as referred to here, speaks to a blueprint energy from which the qualities of all enneagram points become more specifically expressed. Regardless of enneagram (personality) type, everyone is subject to the influence of that, which can power and support unhealthy “sleepwalking” states that have individuals living their lives on auto-pilot.  However, encoded in that blueprint is also the means and the energy to activate and support the healthier, more awake and engaged states, where one is inhabiting their life, their being and purpose more fully, and their presence is of a wholesome influence.

In the personality framework, for someone identified as a type 9, a generalised “sleepwalking” state is easy to get lost in. For those identified as any other type (1-8), they still need to deal with this in themselves, in whichever more specific way they are experiencing that. A relevant question to pose to oneself is “what am I awake to... what am I not awake to?”.

In this series of workshops, we will look at selected patterns and how we leave our lives on auto-pilot allowing those patterns to run themselves while we snooze in the pilot seat. Being willing to shake ourselves awake, to even begin investigating the what, why, with whom, when, where and how …  therein lies the invitation and challenge, and the reason for the space and time created in these workshops. At the same time, we must appreciate that these very patterns can be co-opted and used appropriately and wisely by a healthy, engaged pilot. The invitation is also, then, to allow the step by step shift into progressively more practiced and masterful piloting, where joy and lightness of being is normal while navigating and participating in our lives.


More about what this workshop series offers

Part of the 9-energy (especially when in healthier, more awake range) is the capacity for perspective that allows things to be put into clearer context. Which then allows for more focused, relevant, appropriate and right action. This is a fundamental element in the design of these workshops.


The main workshop, on a Saturday, is open for anyone exploring the pattern in themselves. It is an interactive workshop, with space and time created for participants to engage, plenty of “food for thought” and real-time exercises to allow more depth of exploration and room to shift.

The supplementary workshop, on the Sunday, is specifically for those identifying as Enneagram Type 9s on the personality enneagram. For any Type 9s that attended the Saturday and wish to engage in a deeper exploration, the Sunday session is open for that.


General Design of the Perspective Series of Workshops

The design of these workshops:

The main workshop:

  • Half-day (5 hour) Saturday workshop
  • Open to anyone who identifies with the pattern being discussed and the influence of the 9-energy coming through that pattern in ways specific to them.


The supplementary workshop:

  • Half-day (5 hours) Sunday workshop
  • Specifically, for enneagram type 9s that want to explore more deeply after the Saturday workshop.
  • Please note, places are limited for this workshop.


This INSIDE-STORY-9 series of workshops are designed and facilitated by Type 9s for Type 9s

These interactive Saturday workshops will focus on specific topics taken from existing Enneagram teachings describing the habitual patterns of Type 9. Typically, these are explained and interpreted from an outside-in perspective, which does not provide the full picture and context that 9s often need. In these workshops, participants will be presented with and invited to explore the often untold inside-story on these, benefitting from pragmatic “insider insights” and clarity from experienced, dedicated type 9 teachers who have been actively exploring this terrain.

The aim is to support anyone awakening more fully to themselves, their own presence as a 9, and the gifts and challenges that come with.

In the distinctive company, support and mirroring of other 9s, participants will have the chance to better understand and explore their own patterns. The group energy expedites a level of self-awareness which is often difficult to reach when working alone. With the added clarity and awareness, the doors open for more freedom from restraining patterns and blind-spots.





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