Inside-Story-9 (Accommodation)

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The Inside Story on 9s and Accommodation

Group Workshop: Sat, 26 Feb 2020, 16h00 - 18h30 GMT

Self-Study Workshop:  Anytime after 27 Feb, 16h00 GMT 



Congratulations on registering for this workshop.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or need assistance with anything.  You will receive an email confirming your order. You will also find details below on this page, or at any time your account history.  If you are attending the live group workshop, please make note of the zoom link below, or in the pdf linked.

Warm Regards,

Janeshree Govindasamy  ((+27)83 789 4628)

Preparation - pondering the pattern being probed

Other than to do what you need to do, to be present as fully as possible,  there is no other compulsory preparation.

However, feel free to allow a few things to percolate in the background, as you approach this workshop.  Here are some questions to check in on, with yourself:

  • "How do I accommodate others?"
  • "When do I accommodate others?"
  • "Are there times when I have agreed (with/to something) but in retrospect  I realised I, in fact, was in disagreement?"
  • "What is in it for me, when I  do the above?"

Here are some other questions well worth asking, for these will tap into a deeper layer that often contributes to the above and how things show up on the outside:

  • "What is my general energy level like?"
  • "What tires me?"
  • "What replenishes me?"

It is quite likely that things will come up for attention as you do this, highlighting aspects of this pattern in yourself and others.  Keep some notes for yourself if that does happen. These will be useful touch-points for you and a good baseline to be able to refer back at a later time.


Live Workshop (Groupwork)

This is the zoom link if you are participating in the group workshop:

Zoom Link for 26 Feb 2022, 16h30 GMT (click here)

Meeting ID: 845 1197 0308
Passcode: 321628

Self-Study (Solo-work)

You can tackle this workshop as a self-study course. Segments of the live group-workshop will be available to you, together with guidance and  exercises.  If you have attended the live workshop, you will have access to this as well.  And it will be a good way to revisit and/or revise.  Work like this, when done sincerely, inevitably results in change.  And it is often worth revisiting topics like this at a later point, and fine-tuning from a different baseline.

After completion of the self-study programme, you have the option of adding a 1:1 component with me, to engage with you personally. This is a useful option if you want to delve in a little deeper on things that have come to your attention or to help you manage this pattern more skillfully.

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