Giants Awakening

a journey of discovery for enneagram type 9s

This is a unique programme designed for enneagram type 9’s, to explore the reality and purpose of being a 9 in the world at this time in history.

Through a series of workshops, this adventure into the 9 realm will be broad and deep, allowing time and space to delve into topics and details that plague and power the 9 experience. The entire journey will be within the uniquely supportive environment of other 9’s. This online programme extends over a nine-month period, and will culminate in a very special retreat.

This will be a journey from the surfaces to the hidden, quantum territories of 9, closer to the true purpose, essence and radiance that activates the 9.

As reluctant holders of “the crown” and the power that comes with that, there is an added responsibility on 9’s to hold the balance of the whole. Without insight or guidance around that, there can be much confusion and harm caused to the individual and to the people in their lives. This journey will provide more light on that, what it really means to be a 9 in power, and help each awakening giant become who they were born to be.

27 Sep 2020 (09h30 - 13h00): Open Day for all interested 9s

15 Oct 2020 - 30 Jun 2021:  Full programme - a journey of discovery for registered participants only

Giants Awakening is a QUANTUM RADIANCE programme is facilitated by Dr Janeshree Govindasamy a type 9 herself, in response to a directive and a call to create and hold this space for other type 9’s that are awakening to themselves and their purpose. As someone already on the path, she stands as a guide and mentor.

Her QUANTUM RADIANCE signature programmes are about quality of presence, awakening to one’s radiance and restoring the partnership with one’s Self.

Sneak peek at some of what’s lined up:

  • Everyday stuff: birthdays, news, housework, emails, shopping, career moves, hobbies...
  • Time-related stuff: 9s relationship with time...
  • Fascinating stuff: quantum perspectives, the mathematics of 9, physiology, water, intuition...
  • Scary stuff: what’s the deal with the crown...
  • I don’t want to know stuff: Giant? Who, me?
  • Deep stuff: for those that wish to venture there



Send an Enquiry

To request the full programme details or any other enquiry about this programme, please contact me via SMS or Whatsapp (+2783 789 4628) or via email on  Alternatively, use the form here to send a quick enquiry.

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Warm regards, Janeshree

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