Introducing the Oasis Recharge Zone

A brief introduction by Dr J Govindasamy (creator and designer of the Oasis Recharge Zone)

The Oasis Recharge Zone is a new project that I am excited to present, for the first time -  to the Hilton and KZN Midlands community, South Africa.  It involves a space set aside, in the heart of the Hilton Quarry Centre, where anyone can stop for a 10-minute “self-retreat”, to recharge their inner batteries.

Our world today is one of great rush and high activity.  Everyone is looking for ways to maintain their balance, strength and wellness in the midst of increasingly greater challenges. Each person has the responsibility to do the best they can to look after themselves.  This includes the emotional, mental, spiritual as well as physical aspects.  As a medical doctor, my role for many years involved the care of people who were in physical distress. The treatment necessary at this stage often involved surgery and/or pharmaceutical therapy.  Many of these end-results could have been avoided or attenuated if steps had been taken at an earlier stage, to manage life stressors more efficiently, and adjust life-styles for more beneficial results.

If I had to ask someone “What should you be doing differently that would be of benefit to your health and wellbeing in the long-run”, the answer always includes “I should relax more, find time to slow down, take more holidays and time out”.  The interesting this is that most people know intuitively what they need to do for themselves.  However, not many are able to follow through on applying this knowing in a definitive way.  In the crazy rush of today’s world, with non-stop demand and stimulation, it seems we’ve created a culture where the only breaks we allow ourselves are those forced upon us by sick-leave. A break by plan and design – for self-rejuvenation, often feels like a luxury that we don’t have time or resources for.  And if we are able to take a holiday, it never seems to be long enough or often enough to balance things out.  Often, even the simple daily practices such as a few minutes of meditation seems to be out of reach, somehow falling by the wayside due to urgent priorities.  Hence, on top of all the strenuous, stress patterned life that many find themselves trapped in, is the added frustration of knowing they can’t seem to fit in the things that could help keep them balanced.

From my perspective as a doctor, with a deep interest in the underlying forces at work that enables healing and health, I can appreciate the complex combination of factors that are at play when someone is in a relaxed state, open to enjoyment of the moment (such as when relaxed on holiday).  Inducing a state of being that benefits the bio-molecular, chemical, neurological, immunological systems of our bodies, rather than distresses them, is part of the equation.  Another part is the habitual mental and emotional patterns of crisis-management that we employ, which we only break out of, during states of ease.

In many ways, stress is simply a bad habit, that many people are addicted to! It is a coping mechanism that is familiar and comfortable, like that one favorite jacket we always reach for first whenever there is a chill in the air.

Which brings me back to the purpose of this article – to introduce The Oasis Recharge Zone.  The Oasis is a room that has been set up, to create a space where someone can completely relax for a few minutes. I have designed a highly potentiated space that allows the visitor to snap into deep states of ease.  Following on the analogy in the paragraph above:  it is a safe, easily accessible space to practice wearing a different, more sophisticated “jacket”, to get used to the feel and fit of it, the new look it, and the extra resources it provides.  As well as to gain the confidence to actually wear that more often, for longer periods, in the world of storms outside.

The room is set up with a number of resources, including Heartmath’s Emwave-Pro®.  Heartmath represents a body of scientific work done on the impact of the electromagnetic field generated from our heart, and the fact that we can modify the signal in that field, to one that is of powerful positive benefit (to ourselves and the world around us).  The Emwave-Pro is their biofeedback technology that allows one to see their state of “coherence”, graphically on a computer, in the moment.  It is one of the most powerful tools out there to help us consciously integrate our emotional, physical and mental states so that we are functioning at a high level of harmony and effectiveness. For those recovering from illness, or those who seek to maintain sustained wellbeing, this resource would complement and enhance any other form of treatment or process they are engaged in. The stress-reduction alone will have direct consequences on decreasing the burden of disease (and consequently – treatment) that anyone is carrying.

Who would be interested in this?  Use of the Oasis Recharge Zone would of particular interest to

  • individuals who are empowering themselves to live a higher quality of life;
  • medical professionals and therapists that wish to access this as another resource at their disposal to further shore-up the resilience of their patients and clients as they engage in their healing and recovery;
  • leaders and employers who are invested in holistic wellness and staff empowerment for their teams, increasing their capacity to realise the vision of the business;
  • families that wish to raise the energy levels and the joy-capacity of their home;
  • anyone who is looking for effective, simple strategies to increase enhance the wellbeing of themselves and those around them.

Because the Oasis recharge zone is a new concept, I am inviting everyone to come by and join one of the introductory talk/tours,  that will allow a more complete understanding of the purpose and use of the space.  These 90-minute mini-workshops will provide a clearer picture of the science and thinking behind the project.  Participants will also have the opportunity to see a demonstration of the Heartmath Emwave biofeedback technology. 

Dates for the upcoming workshops are:

  • 12 April, Friday (12h00 - 13h30)
  • 13 April, Saturday (10h00 - 11h30)
  • 13 April, Saturday (12h00 - 13h30)
  • 16 April, Tuesday (09h00 - 10h30)
  • 16 April, Tuesday (17h00 - 18h30)
  • request your own date/time... click here

For anyone who wishes to request a private introduction, outside of the dates/times above, that can be arranged. 


Introductory Talks/ Tour (90min):  Free
Recharge Zone Visits (10min):  R65 (non-members)

  • R 55 per month (2 visits pm);
  • R 255 per month (8 visits pm);
  • R 455 per month (20 visits pm);
  • Customised memberships on enquiry - for families, groups or teams

New membership sign-up fee:  R150 for individuals.  (No long term obligation - cancel, upgrade or downgrade membership at any time.)

So many more people are awakening to the fact that their lives are being run on auto-pilot, at the whim of the demands, urgencies and rush in the world around them.  And more people are therefore seeking ways to address that.  The Oasis Recharge Zone provides a key component that can assist addressing that.  In a world where no-one seems to have time,  the question is - can one afford NOT TO MAKE TIME to pick up these keys when they show up.  I invite everyone to find the time to listen to the information being presented at the introductory talks, to realise how much more is going on within and around us, to understand where their power truly lies and how to access it...  and to move forward with more autonomy.

It is my sincere wish that anyone who proceeds to use this space, finds great peace and empowerment, to take the steps and allow the necessary changes that will transform the quality of their lives to one of every-day wellbeing. Because… health is so much more than the absence if disease.  It is to be joyfully alive, awakening each day fresh, with childlike anticipation for the day. And if, in some way I can make it easier for people to achieve that, then my efforts will be worth the while. I hope see many people integrating the Oasis Recharge Zone into their every-day lives.


Dr Janeshree Govindasamy, MBChB




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