Becoming Radiant

Personal Transformation

The Medicine of Radiance

Workshops, retreats, classes and personalised programmes


not just to understand, but to

experience and deeply imbibe


These are always powerful, yet nurturing experiences,

providing practical tools, insights and transformation

that heal and enrich one's inner and outer worlds.


In these signature programmes, Dr Janeshree shares her multi-dimensional approach to the how and why of radiant wellbeing; a product of 20 years insight and experience in the medical and healing arts...

In a world that puts so much emphasis on theoretical knowledge and understanding, we often forget that there are still imperative steps to take, that allow the metamorphosis of understanding into knowing, thereafter BECOMING a living example of that knowing. Such transformation requires courage, an ability to allow change, and a surrendering to the results of that change.  The BECOMING RADIANT programmes provides opportunities to achieve this metamorposis.  


Becoming Radiant Programmes


One-on-one Consultations

45min - 90min sessions


Short Classes and Mini-Workshops

½ hour  - 3 hour programmes introducing key concepts in“mini-bite” experiences.


2 - 5 day Workshops / Retreats

These are immersive experiences. Each one is different, depending on the theme, the group, the location. They all have the same goal - to allow the energy of RADIANCE in each person to rise, so that they can access life at that new level.


Awakening Radiance

(Personalised Journeys and Apprenticeships)

3 - 12 month one-on-one transformative journeys for individuals. This will usually include a 2 day personal retreat/workshop, as well as a number of follow-through sessions over the period of time chosen. 


These powerful opportunities are for those who are ready and willing to allow themselves deep surrender and alignment to their heart and spirit. This will open up a fresh way of living that is lighthearted and spacious. 

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