Master the Art and Science of

Multi-Dimensional Radiant Wellbeing


Quantum Radiance

Becoming Radiant

retreats, workshops, programmes nurturing personal transformation

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Radiant Affirmations

deck of 72 cards that affirms, and attunes you to, the beauty of life

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The Oasis

daily 10min self-retreats in the recharge zone to build your stamina  

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Nourishing Radiance

juice fresh wheatgrass and drink liquid radiance to rejuvenate your cells

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As human beings, we are a blending of many dimensions,

including our bio-electric fields,  heart and personality fields.

QUANTUM RADIANCE addresses these in a holistic, multi-layered approach that results in an increased capacity for joy and radiant wellbeing.

Quantum Radiance is a project pioneered by Dr Janeshree Govindasamy, offering a shift in paradigm that brings the quality of radiance back into the equation of health.

"The core understanding is that the quality of our presence impacts everyone and everything. By cultivating healthier states of greater radiance while engaged in life, we can offer phenomenally greater value to ourselves, our families, patients, clients, businesses and world."  (Dr J Govindasamy)

The Becoming Radiant element offers dynamic consultations, customised personal programmes, workshops and retreats, for individuals and groups. The Radiant Affirmations deck is a work of of art from the heart, for anyone practicing the skill of attuning to life's beauty.   The Oasis is for those who are building more sustained, stable states of centredness,  by stepping into the recharge zone for 10 minutes every day. The Nourishing Radiance element offers radiant medicinal food that celebrate and support a thriving physical state. 

The results are access to more profound health, healthier success, more successful relationships and more natural ease in all that is done.

A Special Gift...

that lasts a lifetime

The Oasis Recharge Zone



(24 May - 02 June 2019)


Hilton Quarry Centre, inside Healthy Times Shop


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Opportunity to Join the Team

Calling for the right people to join my team


(24 May - 02 June 2019)

Looking for:

  • A Project Manager and Executive Assistant
  • The Hospitality crew (x 3 people)



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